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Lab Members

HeadShotforWebsiteMartha Burford Reiskind
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
michael_reiskind_bioMichael Reiskind
Associate Professor of Entomology
Emily Reed 
PhD Candidate, Landscape Genomics; Invasive species
Andrew Maurer
PhD Candidate, Marine Conservation; Sea Turtle Ecology
Megan Dillon
PhD Student, Conservation Genetics; Canine Demography
Erica Henry
Postdoctoral Researcher, Rare Species Conservation; Butterfly Demography
Emma Wallace 
Undergraduate Researcher, mozzie, fish, and butterfly genomics

Lab Alumni

Kara Carlson, Graduate rotation student, conservation genetics, now in the Yoder lab at NCSU Link

Erin McDermott, Undergraduate researcher, sturgeon eDNA, now in the Tarpy lab at NCSU Link

Caitlin Mothes, Undergraduate researcher, flounder comparative genomics, now PhD candidate at University of Miami Webpage

Interested in Joining Our Lab?

If you are interested in joining the lab and have prior molecular experience, we are looking for graduate students. We are also looking for undergraduates to join the lab. If you are interested send a resume and inquiry to Dr. Burford Reiskind.

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