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My goal as an educator is to help students gain proficiency in the subject and confidence in their knowledge while supporting the development of critical thinking and conceptual integration skills. Through my experiences teaching that started as a graduate student to the present day, I have concluded that effective teachers provide detailed understanding of the material by outlining current issues or controversies, including contemporary examples, and facilitating a hands-on way for the students to actively engage in the subject. Relating complex concepts taught in a course to current problems or questions piques a student’s interest and motivates learning. These beliefs are reflected in how I organize the courses I teach here at NC State.

Current Courses


AEC 460
Field Ecology and Methods


AEC 450/550
Conservation Genetics

AEC 592
Landscape Genetics

AEC 592
Genetics of Invasive Species

AEC 761
Conservation & Climate Science

AEC 592
Rapid Evolution in a Changing Environment

Previous Courses Taught

  • Biology 360: Ecology – NC State University
  • Biology 181: Ecology, Evolution, and Diversity – NC State University
  • General Genetics – University of Central Oklahoma
  • General Biology for Biology Majors – University of Central Oklahoma
  • Evolution – University of California Santa Cruz
  • Population Genetics / Conservation Genetics – University of California Santa Cruz

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