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Outreach in the Burford Reiskind Lab

Service and outreach is an important part of how science functions in society. In the Burford Reiskind lab, we take our civic responsibility very seriously. In collaboration with Dr. Michael Reiskind’s lab we work on basic research on species of tremendous public health importance, and endeavor to engage the public, both citizens and K-12 school children. We also seek to engage elementary school students in basic science of ecology and evolution. We are always looking for more opportunities to interact with people, and participate in local events through the North Carolina Natural History Museum. We are active in the Society for the Study of Evolution and Society for Conservation Biology. Dr. Burford Reiskind enjoys any opportunities to interact with younger scientists. Our graduate students also incorporate their research projects into an exciting classroom visit, with interactive lessons and are available for K through 5 classrooms. Please contact us (mbreiski@ncsu.edu) for more information and to schedule a visit. In the Burford Reiskind lab we are committed to serving as reviewers in the peer-review process of both journal articles and grant applications, fulfilling our professional service duties.

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