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Andrew Maurer

 PhD Candidate in Biology: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Biological Sciences

Office: 121 David Clark Labs
Phone: 919-515-XXXX
Email:                                                                               Website:

Andrew Maurer received his B.A. from Eckerd College (St. Petersburg, FL) in 2012. He then spent three years working various field jobs, capping this time with a position in Antigua, West Indies, studying hawksbill sea turtle nesting. This evolved into his graduate work when he started at NC State in Spring 2016. During his doctoral program, Andy has been awarded with an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and a Fulbright Fellowship. For his research he collaborates with Dr. Seth Stapleton and the Jumby Bay Hawksbill Project, combining original fieldwork with analysis of historical data from a 30-year long term dataset. To date, his work has included describing the impacts of coastal Sargassum seaweed accumulation on nesting, quantifying the effects of an invasive beach plant on nesting ecology, and evaluating the nest microsite conditions that affect incubation temperature (and, thus, temperature-dependent sex determination) and hatching success. Newer work extends into mark-recapture demographic modeling, as well as foraging and migratory ecology through the use of satellite tracking and stable isotope methods. Andy also focuses a lot of effort on education, outreach, and mentorship (see his website for more). When not focusing on research or academics, Andy enjoys playing and following sports, cooking, and exploring natural areas. Check out a feature in CALS International Programs News on Andy here!

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