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Research Collaborations

We have several current collaborations within NCSU and other Universities. These collaborations not only are enjoyable but they help broaden the applicability of our research, and the collaborative atmosphere in our lab. Beyond the collaborations we have the other Dr. Reiskind, the reduced-representation genomic work involves many labs here at NCSU including the Genomic Sciences Laboratory core facility, and also includes researchers at many Universities across the USA. The work involves a wide-range of organisms from fish (Dr. Aguilar, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Godwin), to insects, to sweet potato cultivars and turf grass (Dr. Yencho and Dr. Milla-Lewis, respectively), to the marine seaweed Gracilaria sp. (Dr. Sotka). Our lab also hosts the Genomics of Non-model Organisms Discussion group’s┬ámonthly meetings (check back for the Fall 2018 schedule of meetings). As the genomic work continues to grow we hope to have more collaborations across a broad range of taxonomic groups. We have many conservation genetic and genomic projects with collaborators as well. We also have collaborative work starting on the conservation of small butterfly populations (Dr. Haddad), that Dr. Erica Henry is leading in our lab and we are working on a grant to look at the population genomics of rare species in the SE USA. Below are some of our current collaborators within our main research topics.

Comparative genomics projects

Speciation and conservation genetics of aquatic species projects

Environmental DNA Projects

Conservation & Demography of Small Populations


Genomic Mapping Projects