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Dr. Erica Henry

Postdoctoral Associate, Biological Sciences

Office: 235 David Clark Labs
Phone: 919-XXX-XXXX
Email:                                                                            Website:

Erica Henry Dr. Erica Henry received her BA from Willamette University in Salem Oregon. She then spent a few years teaching at an outdoor science school, bouncing around the country as a seasonal field technician, and skiing at Lake Tahoe, before heading back to school. For her MS, she studied the egg laying habitat requirements of a rare butterfly, Mardon skipper, with Dr. Cheryl Schultz at Washington State University. She then moved to the Florida Keys where she worked with Dr. Nick Haddad at NC State to develop abundance estimates and monitoring protocols for one of the rarest butterflies in the world, Miami blue. This position eventually led Dr. Henry to pursue a PhD with Dr. Haddad studying the role of disturbance in the conservation of at-risk butterflies. In September 2017, hurricane Irma struck her study sites in the Florida Keys, further disturbing her disturbance restoration experiment. She then applied for, and was awarded an NSF Rapid grant that will fund her post-doc research evaluating the interacting effects of multiple disturbances on population dynamics. When she’s not chasing butterflies around in south Florida, or building population models in Raleigh, she heads west and uphill to spend time with family and friends and the mountains. Check out Dr. Henry featured in BioGraphic News and a link to the press release on her recent paper in Global Change Biology HERE 

Here’s one of Erica’s videos on her research.

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