Rapid Evolution in Changing Environments 2019-05-14T14:39:37+00:00

Rapid Evolution in a Changing Environment

AEC 592  Sec 5 – 1 Unit – Fall Semester

Time: TBA

Contact Info: martha_reiskind@ncsu.edu

Flyer and Syllabus

This graduate seminar will explore the genetic tools used to identify and monitor rapid evolution in a changing environment. The changing environment could be due to abiotic or biotic conditions. Considering the evolutionary trajectory of a species in the context of global climate, they can either “move,” “perish,” or “adapt.” Here we will focus on evidence of adaptation in place. Alternatively, we can also think about rapid evolution of a species that arrives in a new environment, in which it interacts with novel abiotic and biotic conditions. We will investigate current papers that address these questions. The goal is for graduate students to explore the application of these approaches to their own research and/or gain a deeper understanding how this approach is used in an applied context.