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Aedes Mosquito Research

Aedes aegypti

With the Dr. Michael Reiskind lab, we are launching a population genomic analysis of Aedes aegypti in the Southeastern United States. Our previous graduate student Kristen Hopperstad in the Reiskind lab conducted a population analysis of Ae. aegytpi using microsatellite loci and we are building up for a full genomic analysis! We are very excited to about Dr. Hopperstad’s results from her dissertation research (Link to publication). Check out our work on Ae. aegypti on the Battle of the Aedes page!

Aedes albopictus

Our PhD student Emily Reed is conducting a landscape genomics study along the urban rural gradient of the invasive Aedes albopictus. Check out more about Emily and her work here! Also check out a recent highlight about Emily in lab news here!