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My goal as an educator is to help students gain proficiency in the subject and confidence in their knowledge while supporting the development of critical thinking and conceptual integration skills. I believe that effective teachers provide detailed understanding of the material by outlining current issues or controversies, including contemporary examples, and facilitating a hands-on way for the students to actively engage in the subject. Relating complex concepts taught in a course to current problems or questions piques a student’s interest and motivates learning. Most of my course involve field- or lab-based learning and community based learning. These beliefs are reflected in how I organize the courses I teach here at NC State in the Biological Sciences Department as the director of the Genetics & Genomics Scholars program in the GGI.

Current Courses

GGS Courses
GG Survey Course; Professional Development & Ethics in Genetics & Genomics


GN 450/550
Conservation Genetics

GN 592
Landscape Genetics

GN 592
Genetics of Invasive Species

AEC 761
Conservation & Climate Science

GN 592
Rapid Evolution in a Changing Environment

Previous Courses Taught

  • Biology 360: Ecology – NC State University
  • Biology 181: Ecology, Evolution, and Diversity – NC State University
  • AEC 460: Field Ecology & Methods – NC State University
  • General Genetics – University of Central Oklahoma
  • General Biology for Biology Majors – University of Central Oklahoma
  • Evolution – University of California Santa Cruz
  • Population Genetics / Conservation Genetics – University of California Santa Cruz