Bringing in 2022!

Well it's a new year, right, totally different from last year, right, maybe?!? As we dropped the kiddos off at school, hoping they can keep their masks up and avoid the Omicron tidal wave, and I enter my office for the first time in 2 weeks, I'm taking stock. For the first time in as [...]

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As the semester is at its end and I'm in the post-semester reflective mode, I'm thinking about gratitude. What am I thankful for after this year, what do I hope others feel about what I've done, are they thankful? One thing we fail at a bit in academics is giving credit or gratitude to those [...]

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Soon to be Docstars - Andy Maurer & Emily Reed! It's with a heavy heart that I have my weekly meetings with two of the most extraordinary graduate students, Andy & Emily, who are finishing up this semester. These two are rock stars, and while I'm excited to see where they land and all the [...]

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Andy Maurer’s Origin Story!

Guaranteed steps to a PhD project you love How does one end up studying sea turtle ecology for a PhD? Well, I’m not exactly sure if I chose sea turtles or they chose me. When I speak to those planning for graduate school (the target audience of this post), a consistent question that comes up [...]

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EMX Reed Origin Story!

First, if you’re reading this, you deserve to know a secret: the “X” in EMX Reed doesn’t stand for anything. Or maybe it stands for any X name you can think of? Personally, I like Xenopus, which is a genus of aquatic frogs native to sub-Saharan Africa. When I was getting ready to publish my [...]

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Burford Reiskind Lab Statement

Collectively as a lab, we present our lab statement that addresses solidarity, inclusion, our core values, and anti-Black racism and anti-racism actions we support and are taking as a lab at the university, and as a PI. In Solidarity Members of the Burford Reiskind lab are sickened by the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, [...]

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Conservation Currents

We are excited to update the blog for lab members and friends of the Burford Reiskind lab. Our goal is to celebrate current work on the conservation of species across the globe and highlight the cutting edge tools and approaches we are all using to address conservation of species in a challenging time. It's also [...]

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Burford Reiskind Blog on Reiskind Plastic Reduction Effort

Wednesday April 25, 2018 A personal journey to rid our home of plastic consumption! The Reiskind family is working on becoming plastic free in 2018 and as we begin this journey we decided as a family to blog about it. This is something that is a long time coming and my hope is that through [...]

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My Journey

As I get ready for the This Week in Science podcast at the Entomological Society Meeting in Denver, I'm reflecting on my journey.

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