Conservation Currents

We are excited to update the blog for lab members and friends of the Burford Reiskind lab. Our goal is to celebrate current work on the conservation of species across the globe and highlight the cutting edge tools and approaches we are all using to address conservation of species in a challenging time. It’s also a chance to meet the off-the-hook people devoting their lives to conserving biodiversity on our planet, and learn a little more about how they got here. We are a diverse lab representing a variety of perspectives and using an integrated approach to address the big questions related to our future. We are trained evolutionary biologists and ecologists with a fire in our bellies for species preservation and environmental justice.


About the Author:

Martha is the Director of the Genetics & Genomics Scholars graduate program and an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at NC State. She investigates evolutionary process of how species respond to rapid changes in their abiotic or biotic environments.