New papers out this year from Emma Wallace & Emily Reed…

Check out two new papers published in the BR lab. First we have the delightful and wicked smart Emma Wallace, who was an undergraduate researcher in our lab and has now moved on to a PhD program a Duke!  She conducted a fantastic phylogenetic analysis on rockfish in the subgenus Sebastosomus LINK HERE The second [...]

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Two new lab members!

The Burford Reiskind lab is excited to announce two new members! Megan Dillon co-advised by Dr. Matthew Breen and Bradley Scholten co-advised by Roland Kays! Both just finished the first-year training program with the GG Scholars & Here's a link to their spotlights! Make sure you check them out, we are very excited over here.

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Burford Reiskind Lab Statement

Collectively as a lab, we present our lab statement that addresses solidarity, inclusion, our core values, and anti-Black racism and anti-racism actions we support and are taking as a lab at the university, and as a PI. In Solidarity Members of the Burford Reiskind lab are sickened by the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, [...]

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Conservation Currents

We are excited to update the blog for lab members and friends of the Burford Reiskind lab. Our goal is to celebrate current work on the conservation of species across the globe and highlight the cutting edge tools and approaches we are all using to address conservation of species in a challenging time. It's also [...]

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Welcome to the new Genetic & Genomic Scholars 2020/2021!

We are beyond excited to announce the new GG Scholars for this fall. Check out the Website introducing them. The research interests of this group are drawing from many disciplines and will create a rigorous community-learning environment. To give some perspective, we had over 165 applicants for the GG Scholars fellowship, so hats off to [...]

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Emily Reed’s Review is out!

Check out Emily Reed's new review on the genetics of invasive species in urban landscapes. This review is part of Emily Reed's dissertation and was inspired by Dr. Burford Reiskind's graduate course on the genetics of invasive species. Emily led the charge to investigate the role urban settings play in this question. She worked closely [...]

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