Reduced-Representation Genomic Sampling – ddRADseq 2017-12-20T16:17:17+00:00


Reduced-Representation Genomic Sampling – ddRADseq

We conducted a serial digest for the above taxonomic groups of several enzyme pairs to see which pairs produced the consistently highest number and quality of sequence-able fragments. We developed a protocol that modified previous protocols proposed by Peterson et al. (2012) and Poland et al. (2012). We completed the experiment and are submitting the manuscript for publication. Following this experiment we have continued to refine and develop the pipeline for de-multiplexing the sequences and analyzing the reads for both SNP discovery and subsequent analyses.

Supplemental material from Burford Reiskind et al. 2016

Burford-Reiskind Lab ddRADseq Protocol 

In Silico enzyme pairs worksheet 

Barcodes and PCR primers

Section 4 ddRADseq table